Mission Statement:

With Excellence we perform, for the sole love of music, a standard, a passion, a history. This is our Pride and we are the Legacy!


Membership of the Pride of New Mexico ensemble is based on audition by any eligible student in good standing within the New Mexico State University system. Continued membership is considered in good standing as long as the student upholds the guidelines listed in the following sections. If the student is considered in bad standing with the University or the Pride, their membership can and will be revoked.  All New Mexico State University rules and regulations will apply at all times, please make sure to review those guidelines set forth by the University.


The following guidelines of the handbook have been set to provide clarity in our function and process. It is an honor and privilege to be part of The Pride of New Mexico Marching Band, and it is the responsibility of every member to uphold its ideals, traditions, and legacy.

General Rules and Procedures:

Pride Registration/Emergency Medical Forms: Everyone in the organization MUST have a medical form on file with the Band Office.  Make certain you have filled one out in the Band Office during Band Camp registration. If your information changes, it is imperative that you update your health information with The Band Office.

  1. All students who use University instruments or equipment must fill out a rental form with the Band Office.

Students are expected to check the BAND App for weekly schedules and any announcements towards rehearsals or performances. NEVER ASSUME a rehearsal is indoors. Weather related changes to the schedule will appear on the BAND App. Not checking the posted schedule or misunderstanding the schedule will not be considered an excused absence or tardy. This is the responsibility of the student. 

All cell phones must be ON with WiFi enabled during the rehearsal and performances. You should only use your phone with the associated application for your ensemble (DBN- Drill Book Next, FlipFolder, OneDrive). If there is an immediate reason that you may be using a cell phone on during either, the student must inform the director and their section leader before rehearsal begins. Any unauthorized use will lead to a dismissal from the rehearsal, performance and an unexcused absence granted for the event. NO TEXTING OR CELL PHONE USE DURING THE REHEARSAL UNLESS USING IT IS FOR DRILL OR MUSIC. IF USING FOR EITHER, YOUR PHONE MUST BE IN AIRPLANE MODE

Daily Operations

  1. Rehearsals are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:30-6:30 p.m., and select Thursdays.
    • Times indicated are rehearsal START time. Please arrive with ample time to prepare prior to rehearsal.
    • Come prepared to brave the weather (sunscreen, water, raincoat, jacket, etc.)
  2. Proper preparation for rehearsal includes having a pencil, charged phone, necessary applications installed, music and drill downloaded, and your instrument with lyre and e-flip or equivalent devices at EVERY REHEARSAL.
    • Have everything you need at all times
  3. Please keep the Pride field and any/all rooms we use clean and neat – we are not the only ones using these facilities.  Show our Pride!
  4. Proper rehearsal attire is a must.
    • Proper marching shoes and socks (NO FLIPFLOPS or SANDALS)
    • Wear ear-plugs to protect your hearing (especially for indoor rehearsals)
  5. If you need music or drill, please access the OneDrive account through the website and have downloaded what you need.
  6. Smoking, drinking, or any type of behavior that would bring negative comment on the University or The Pride of New Mexico are expressively forbidden and will result in dismissal from Pride.


Game Day

The Pride of New Mexico Marching Band performs for all home football games, scheduled away games, and community events (see Performance Schedule).

  • Special concerns for each performance, such as reporting times and schedule for the day, will be addressed in the daily rehearsals the week of the performances.
  • Several factors can affect the starting time of games, so be prepared for potential changes as the season progresses.

The normal game day routine consists of the following:

  • Game day warm-up rehearsal, the Pride is allotted 2 hours in the stadium. It is crucial for us to accomplish as much as possible during this time. Attendance is required at this rehearsal to participate in the events later in the day.
  • At the end of this rehearsal, the stands will be set up including percussion hardware. Pride will break, allowing you to eat on your own and change into your full uniform.
  • Following the break, Pride (Drumline) will meet and block up at the Northeast corner of the Pan American Center for Aggie Walk. Afterwards, Pride will return to the West side of the Pan American Center for dinner.
  • Pride will then march into the stadium and wait in the tunnel.
  • Pregame performance. Teams will leave ~10 minutes left on the clock. Pride will enter and perform, then will move to stands.
  • Halftime performance.

During the game, the band will remain in uniforms in the stands according to instrument areas.

Grading and Attendance Policy:

Attendance, attitude, and performance are the determining factors towards earning a grade for The Pride of New Mexico.  Attendance at all marching band rehearsals and performances is expected and mandatory of every member.  All members share equal responsibility for the success of The Pride, and we need participation from everyone to accomplish our goals.

Attendance: Each student will be allotted four half rehearsals (4 hours). After a student has missed more than four hours of rehearsal time, his or her grade will be affected determined by the following:

  • A tardy to a rehearsal will result in the loss of a half a letter grade.
  • An unexcused absence will result in the loss of a full letter grade.

Any unexcused absence from a game or performance, the student’s grade will be an F and further participation in the group will be at the discretion of the band director.


Dress Rehearsals and Performances: An unexcused absence from a Dress Rehearsal or Required Performance will result in a final grade of F for term and further participation will be at the discretion of the band director. If the band director chooses to dismiss the student from the program a full loss, the member’s Band Grant will be revoked.

Tardies: Arriving late to rehearsal is unacceptable. Per discretion of the director, habitual tardiness will result in dismissal from the ensemble without formal dismissal of the course resulting in a failing grade.

Sectionals: Sectionals are considered mandatory and part of your grade! Section leaders are in charge of organizing weekly sectionals that work with everyone’s schedule.  It is part of your overall grade and the success of The Pride.

**If you are not present 10 minutes after the rehearsal’s assigned start time, or the student is still not fully prepared to participate in the rehearsal, the tardy becomes an unexcused absence, unless this has been cleared with the director beforehand.

Class/Lab Conflict Forms: You can submit the Class Conflict Form for Dr. Smyth’s approval and filing. This MUST be done within the first 2 weeks of classes.

**Excusing absences or tardies, whether due to illness or a class/lab conflict, is not the section leader’s, band administrative assistant’s, or GA’s responsibility.  Only the Director can excuse an absence or tardy.

Marching Band Scholarships:

Each member of the PRIDE Marching Band will receive a $400 Band Grant. The Grant is awarded to your account in the middle of the semester. Failure to meet requirements of the PRIDE will result in remission of the scholarship and a bill placed on the student’s account to retrieve all or part of the scholarship funds awarded.



The uniform is the emblem of the PRIDE of New Mexico Marching Band, and immediately identifies you as a member of New Mexico State University and an outstanding musical organization.  This identification and visibility require:

  1. Certain standards of dress and conduct must be maintained while in uniform.
  2. The uniform must always be worn with the care and Pride that is expected of members of the organization that it represents.

A complete discussion of the uniform including expected personal appearance concerns and uniform inspections are listed below.  All Pride members are expected to be familiar with all uniform policies and to be dressed in best “inspection-ready” condition every time the uniform is worn.

  1. A Pride member should never be seen in public with anything but the full uniform worn correctly.
  2. Students should treat uniforms with proper care. Students will be held responsible for any damage or loss of the uniform and billed for the cost of any repair or replacement parts.
  3. Smoking, drinking, or any type of behavior while wearing it that would bring negative comment on the university or the Pride are forbidden and will cause dismissal from the Pride.
  4. Allow time during the week to clean your shoes before any performance. This is a matter of pride and respect.  Keep the uniforms clean and pressed to look professional at all performances.
  5. Students are NOT to tailor their uniform on their own. All alterations and hemming will be coordinated by the Pride Uniform Managers.

INSPECTION:  The goal for any organization of this kind is uniformity in style and appearance. The policies that have been established are in place to ensure that all students do their part to meet this goal.

  1. All leadership will be inspected by Drum Majors.
  2. Leadership will then inspect their sections and report to the Graduate Assistant with any issues.
  3. If the uniform infraction is not resolved before the game, the student will NOT perform that day and therefore will be marked as an unexcused absence from a performance.

Check Points: 2022 Uniform

    • Uniform clean
    • Long Black Socks
    • Black Under Armour Shoes (CLEANED and POLISHED)
    • Issued PRIDE T-Shirt
    • Issued Compression Shirt
    • Issued PRIDE Shorts
    • Pride Baseball Cap
    • Long hair NEATLY braided and tucked
    • Clean shaven (all beards or mustaches must be well kept and groomed)
    • Jewelry other than wedding/engagement rings or class rings are not allowed  (BOTH Genders)
    • Earrings (Studs or small <1” in diameter closed hoops, no dangles, bright colors or anything that can get caught in hair, instruments, or uniform)
    • No face decoration, unless discussed
    • No unapproved buttons, pins, or other attachments on the uniform (KKY active member pins can be worn on uniform in location designated by the Director)
Marching Band Uniform Code



University-owned instruments are available for use with a rental fee. Equipment is generally limited to larger brass and percussion instruments, while other instruments are issued on a first-come first-serve basis. Please note that the individual student is responsible for any damage that may occur to college-owned equipment while the instrument is assigned to them. All students using university instruments must sign an agreement concerning the care and maintenance of the instrument. Instruments can be checked out at Music Center Rm. 115. All instruments must be checked back in no later than one week after the final game of the season. Instruments not returned by the last day of the Fall classes will be considered lost and the full replacement cost of the instrument will be charged to the student’s university account. Instruments used for the Pep Band must be re-checked out at the end of the Fall Semester.

  • You must report any damage, no matter how minor, IMMEDIATELY to the Band Office, who will then proceed to handle any necessary repairs from there.
  • Leadership DOES NOT have the authority to excuse you from this responsibility.
  • Instruments will be inspected upon their return, and students will be given the option to pay or have their account charged for any damage. As with the uniforms, do not attempt to make repairs on your own.

You are responsible to ensure that all parts of instrument is functional including:

    • Valves, keys, and slides lubricated and smoothly working
    • Instruments polished and shined
    • Mouthpiece clean, reeds in good working condition
    • Drums and cymbals polished and sticks
    • Guard equipment taped appropriately
    • E-flip/Phone holder and MUSIC!!
    • Lyres
    • Percussionists MUST wear EARPLUGS



Social Media Policy:

Members of the Pride Marching Band must serve as representatives of the Pride and of NMSU in and out of rehearsals and performances; members are held to a high standard of behavior at all times. There are no restrictions on social media sites. However, members must understand that any content they make public, regardless of privacy settings, through social media websites must use acceptable social behaviors to comply to federal, state, NCAA, and NMSU rules and regulations.

    • Do not post any private, confidential, or sensitive information.
    • Do not make posts that attack another member, student, coach, or administrator of NMSU or any other institution.
    • Do not post information, photos, or other representations of sexual content, harassing language, inappropriate behavior or items that could be considered as demeaning or inflammatory.

Post suggestions:

    • Think twice before posting. If you do not want your parents, Director, or boss to see your post, do not post it!
    • Remember many different audiences will see your posts, including fans, alumni, children, students, parents, staff, faculty, etc.
    • Be honest, respectful, and positive at all times.
    • Be professional and polite.
    • Do not post anything that you would not speak about openly in a work place or public, such as comments on drug use, sexual humor, skin color, or ethnic slurs.

Violation of the social media policy may result in one or more of the following disciplinary actions:

    • Meeting with the Associate Director and/or the Director of Bands.
    • Removal of the unacceptable content.
    • Temporary suspensions from the ensemble until conditions are met.
    • Suspension from ensemble for a period.
    • Dismissal from the ensemble.

Anti-Hazing Policy:

Hazing means forcing or requiring another person, regardless of that person’s consent, to perform and act that:

    • Creates a substantial risk of physical or mental harm
    • Substantially or seriously demeans or degrades any person; or
    • Interferes with an person’s scholastic activities

Any hazing allegation against a student organization will be investigated by the University.  If found guilty in a disciplinary action, the student organization may incur a penalty.  University action occurs whether or not civil or criminal actions take place.

In addition to action taken against a student organization, the University may take action against students for hazing in congruence with NMSU policy.

    • Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated by the PRIDE and University. It is the responsibility and expectation that all band students intercede, within reason, if hazing is suspected and report the incident to a faculty or staff member immediately.
    • This policy covers activities which might involve band students both on and off campus.
    • Consequences for the violation of hazing policies may be severe. Incidents will be reported immediately to University police and the Dean of Students Office for investigation and action.  Sanctions on behalf of the band department may include suspension from the band program or removal from the  Pride of New Mexico.
    • Students with knowledge of hazing who choose not to report the incident will also be subject to University discipline.
    • All PRIDE members, directors, and staff have a responsibility to act as role models for the greater University community. Language, behavior, and actions of our band students, its’ directors and staff must reflect a strong commitment to the mission of the University and the Pride of New Mexico.

Auditions for Student Staff, Drum Majors, and Captains occur each fall. Interested students must have served in the PRIDE of New Mexico for at least one season and been in enrolled in the Pride the fall semester prior to their audition. Candidates must be in satisfactory academic standing with the University.


To be part of the Pride of New Mexico, you must sign the following agreements:

  • Media Release
  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Handbook Contract