Do I have to be a music major in order to join the marching band?

No! More than 80% of our band is composed of non-music majors from around campus.

I feel like I won't have time in college, won't I be too busy for marching band?

While many of our rookies and incoming freshmen believe this when they first join, most find themselves having lots of downtime once the school year gets started. This is the perfect time to join organizations like the marching band. You won't regret it!

Do I get paid to be in marching band?

Yes! The marching band at NMSU is one of the only organizations at NMSU which pays its members to be in the organization. You will get $500 to spend at the on-campus book store and a free year-long parking pass for being a part of the NMSU Athletic Bands.

If I am a student at DACC, can I still join?

Yes! The Pride of New Mexico has many members that are students at DACC. You can be one of them!